Zach Blodgett – ’12

My name is Zach Blodgett, I’m 24 years old, my younger brothers Garrett and Matthew have also attended Saints, and I want to share my story because you guys will one day appreciate how unbelievably amazing your high school really is. Since then I have got married to my now wife I met during my junior year (it’s possible guys), had my son Maximus recently, maintained a day job, and began my very own brand in 2017. In fact, the brand is the main reason that I’m writing my story.

I founded SIGNUMX Catholic Apparel Co. in 2017 with a goal, to promote our faith with SoCal style. Signum stands for “Sign of the” in latin and the X is a “Cross”. When you put it all together, we get “The Sign of the Cross”. Why is this important? Well, the whole reason I started the brand was because I really wanted to provide alternatives to what’s out there right now. There wasn’t really a whole lot that I myself enjoyed wearing so I decided to do something about it. Along with looks, I wanted SIGNUMX to be a tool of evangelization, but subtly. Spark interest, talk about the meaning of the name and then take the conversation whever God wants it to go. If you’re curious to learn more about it, we can be found at

You young men at Saints have something that most other high schools don’t have and frankly would consider it “toxic” in today’s culture. A fraternal bond. Don’t ever give that up. The fraternity I have with other men is what keeps me afloat and going down that narrow path. If you can realize the importance of this great gift, you’re already way ahead of me when I was in high school. Good luck guys, and be the sign of the cross to all you encounter.