Saintsmen Reunite – Mark Martin and Enrique (Class of 91)

enrique_markIt took 26 years, but Enrique Montiel and Mark Martin, both Class of ’91, finally met up fthis passed September for the first time since graduation day.

One of the beautiful things about Saints, is everyone has a story. A journey either to or through our “campus green.” It was great to catch up and learn about how life had unfolded for each of us.

The rendezvous took place in Colorado Springs where Enrique has called home for most of his adult life. Mark was literally passing through but via FaceBook, both learned each other was there and made time for one another.

The visit was short but filled with great memories of our “high school days.” Never pass up the chance to sit and listen to your fellow Saintsmen…who knows, it might take 26 years before you see each other!