Jerry Waldron – Class of 1965

My story starts at Saints in my Freshman year 1961 where I played Freshman football and basketball. My Sophomore year I played JV football and basketball. My Junior year I played JV football, basketball and baseball.Senior year football and baseball.

During my years at Saints I learned that giving your best was essential to academics and character building. Saints taught me to think for myself and making good decisions which I have followed all my life.

Having attended Saints later in life gave me the strength of character  to be able to survive a divorce, raise two children for a while by myself.

After my senior year, my BASEBALL Coach Whittaker helped me get a job working with kids in the San Diego Recreation Department. Later, after Graduating from SDSU graduate school, I entered my career as a high school teacher and coach. During my 32 years I taught at 3 high schools, 2 middle schools and 3 elementary schools and a million kids. I also was a basketball official at the college and high school level for 20 years.

I owe much to my Parents upbringing in a Catholic atmosphere  where I learned the meaning of success through consistent hard work.

- Jerry Waldron 
- Class of 1965