Dear Alumni and friends,

Welcome to the New Alumni Website! It is our aim to enhance our ability to help the over 8,000 Saints Alums stay connected. We seek to offer continual updates regarding St. Augustine High School’s progress, events taking place at Saints, and share with you the continued evolution of the Augustinian mission of education.

This venture will allow us to cultivate fellowship and foster growth. Rest assured that the current students and future alums of Saints are receiving an unparalleled education and one centered upon the school’s core values of unity, truth, and love. As we look to reach out to our alumni and make sure that all graduates are aware of the events and opportunities to both gather and serve as a community, we ask that if you are not receiving our electronic notices to contact us in the upper right-hand corner of our main page and provide us with your best e-mail contact.

The website itself will look to serve a number of functions. There will be an updated calendar of alumni and school events to check in on. We will share video content and communication materials to help convey what’s currently taking place between the streets of Nutmeg and Palm. There will be a monthly feature profile on an exemplary alum, as well links to Saintsmen in the news and profiles and features of merit and note.

We know both within the Saints Alumni community and here at school itself there is so much going on that there will always be an opportunity to stop in and stay connected. The “Share your Story” tab on the main page of the website is the place we’d like you to do just that. As we look to hear about the good news within our community, please click on this tab to update us on birthdays, new jobs, marriages, families being started, as well as any other blessings happening in your life. If you happen to find yourself with a great story or memory of Saint Augustine high school, or reflecting on a current school event, we’d certainly love to be able to share that as well. Please join us at an athletic event, drama production, alumni or school celebration this year, or stop in for a tour of campus as well as our weekly school Wednesday mass in the gymnasium.

As we continue to grow and develop this site and strengthen our community, we look forward to your stories, thoughts, and support. We recognize along the way there will be countless opportunities for you to get reconnected with Saints and eagerly look forward to your return home.