Class of ’64 accepts the ALS Challenge

8 members of the class of 64 took the ice bucket challenge getting doused with ice-water by current Saints students upon singing the Alma Mater on campus.


Bucket Brigade Poem

The Charge of the Bucket Brigade
Half a yard, half a yard,
Half a yard onward,
All in the valley of Splash
Rode the Saints 8 as their thighs thundered.
“Forward, the Saints 8” Ed Hearn relayed, Charge for the Clock Tower, don’t be dismayed.
Into the Valley of Splash
Rode the Saints 8.

Water to the right of them,
Water to the left of them,
Water in front of them,
Our checkbooks we plundered.
Was there a man dismayed? No.
We knew how the game was played.
Ours was not to make reply,
Ours was not to be wimps and cry,
Ours was to hope someday we would dry,
Into the Valley of Splash
Rode the Saints 8.

– Philip E. Barney ‘64