Charles Stout – Class of ’63

Vietnam Veteran. 9 of my classmates are Vietnam Veterans. Before I shipped out to Vietnam, I went to dinner with Fr. Wasko to a restaurant in Mission Valley. A classmate of mine was our waiter. I told Father that I had a bad feeling about going to Vietnam. I was trained a 11B, which is infantry. I was also Airborne jump qualified. We ate a great steak, drank some red wine. During the dinner I must have spoken about my father, whom I did not remember. Several days later, just prior to departure for Vietnam, my father called. We spoke of generalities, and he indicated that I must do my duty. I agreed. Just as I hung up the phone call from my father, I turned yo my mother and said, “Im going to be OK”. At that moment I knew that I would make through Vietnam and back home.

Class of: 1963