4th Annual Alumni Fishing Trip Recap

Great Group of Alumni on 2013 Fishing Trip

On Saturday evening 8/18 about 30 Alumni and Saints supporters left Point Loma for an overnighter aboard the Sea Adventure II. With light winds and fairly calm seas the group hit the Coronado Islands about 1:30am for either a night of sleeping in triple style bunk beds, or for those hardcore ones, a night of fishing in the dark.

Due to the cold water temperature and lack of good Yellowtail fishing recently, the captain and crew made a decision to fish locally around the islands. With most lines hitting the water pre-dawn we fished for about an hour where we anchored and then spent the rest of the day buzzing around the islands looking for some good pickups on sonar.

At about 3pm the crew signaled it was time to head back to the dock so after a day of great weather, conversation, fishing and catching up most aboard retired to either catch up on the sleep they missed or spend time in the galley enjoying some additional good chatting.

With over 240+ fish caught and filleted it was a trip to remember, while at the same time a time to look forward to next year’s trip, where surely the big one will be caught!!!

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