14th Annual Alumni Fishing Trip Recap

With a load of 27 we met at the dock at 5:30am, and were steaming by 6:30. With the reports being light the last few days due to high wind and dirty water the captain had to make a decision to go NW towards the 182 and west, or south into Mexican waters. With south being dead lately but showing interesting signs of life and north having more boats to communicate with we headed north. We hit a few paddies on our way out, a few miles west of mission bay with no luck. Then in the North 9 mile bank about the captain start zig zagging which is a sure sign of fish on the meter. Soon enough the deck hands were chumming and we had our lines in the water.

Blue fin were beneath us and then with the deck hands chumming they came to the surface and were boiling! Exactly what we wanted to happen. The fish stayed with us for a good 2+ hours and we plunked away puling a few fish here and there. Really thought the whole boat would blow up with the fish staying on use the whole time but it didn’t and finally we moved on.

We went looking for more paddies and signal on the sonar NW then west. We hit a couple of dry paddies and then found another blue fin school and did the same as before, rinse and repeat. Got the fish up, chummed hard and plucked away with one’s here and there.

All the while alumni, family and friends chatted with one another and made new friends. 32 hookups, 10 blue fin landed. We will take it…..