60th Annual Saints Alumni Parochial Basketball Championships

The St. Augustine Alumni Association is pleased to announce its 60th Annual Invitational Basketball Tournament.  The Tournament will begin Saturday, February 22nd and conclude Friday night, March 14th.

This is the largest and oldest Parochial elementary basketball tournament in the United States!

Bracket Updated
Varsity Winners Bracket 3/18/14 – Final
Varsity 3rd Place Bracket 3/18/14 – Final
JV Winners Bracket 3/18/14 – Final
JV 3rd Place Bracket 3/18/14 – Final

All awards will be presented after the championship game.

Through the rich tradition of this tournament, St. Augustine shares with you the spirit of good clean competition and a friendly atmosphere.  We hope that your participation in this year’s tournament will bring your school’s community much enjoyment and satisfaction.