5th Annual Alumni Fishing Trip Recap

With warm waters, recent good offshore fishing and Tuna on the mind, this year’s trip left the dock at 5:30am on Sunday 9/7 with 25 Alumni and friends ready to haul in the “big one.” We trolled southwest past the Coronado Islands in search of Blue and Yellowfin Tuna skipping over paddies with Yellow Tail. Remember, this group was out to catch Tuna and with limited time we stuck to the plan.

One of the first stops in the morning showed a large school of Tuna but they were still pretty far down, about 100′. We threw some bait out trying to lure the tuna up, and stuck some lines in the water. A few of us hit some Yellow Tail, but no luck getting the Tuna to show themselves.

Trolling jigs throughout the day, we were just waiting to hear the clickers go off, signaling we hit a school of Tuna. Unfortunately that was not the case and the Tuna just did not want to bite. We all had our suspicions as to why, but most of us tended to like the theory that it was because the they ate throughout the night using the glow from a full moon, or that the currents were to blame because of the hurricane to the south. Whatever the reasons, the fish didn’t bite as expected, but as always the fearless fishermen had a great day spending time together, telling other fishing stories and catching up on old times. Just like any fish story, there will always be anticipation and excitement for the next time we go out……